This is exactly what Jazz backing Tracks . com and the 20 Minute Long Jazz Backing Tracks found only here do for you.

Shaves years off your Learning curve

The Jazz Backing Tracks found only here give you the chance to play for extended periods of time with professional jazz musicians as you hone your chops shaving years off of your learning curve. Each track has a distinct groove, key, style and tempo that will challenge you in every area of your playing. Buy the 'Jazz Improvisation Mastery' Package and you'll soon be negotiating the complex forms that Jazz throws at you with consummate ease.

Truly master your instrument

No other site in the world has Jazz Backing Tracks of this length and quality! They are ONLY available here and you have 3 options to purchase - as single track downloads, as a One Time Package or as a member of the Jazz Backing Tracks Insider Circle Club.

Remember, what sets the Jazz Backing Tracks on this site apart is the LENGTH - it is ALL ABOUT THE LENGTH! Typical jazz backing tracks do not inspire the same level of depth and flow that my Jazz Backing Tracks do. This is because it's all about how much time you spend doing 'the thing' and guess what?

Playing to a 4 minute backing track 5 times IS JUST NOT THE SAME AS PLAYING TO A 20 MINUTE JAZZ BACKING TRACK ONCE - any interruption to your flow has a seriously negative effect on your playing - and until you've experienced the freedom of flow that a 20 minute Jazz Backing Track will give you, it may be hard to believe. Try it out..


Seriously Improve your Jazz Playing!

15 quality Jazz Standards given the 20 Minute Jazz Jam Track Treatment - enables you to quickly improve your playing so you can realize your Jazz Playing aspirations confidently, reliably and effectively.

Unleash the Magic of the 20 Minute Jam Track

These aren't 3 minute long, cheaply recorded, nasty midi tracks, they're THE ONLY 20 MINUTE LONG JAZZ BACKING TRACKS IN THE WORLD! These tracks are the product of hundreds of hours of work by professional jazz musicians whose love of Jazz music and expertise is guaranteed to make you better at your instrument.

These tracks GROOVE HARD so you can get into the deep flow that takes your playing to new heights. 

Play with a professional Band of Jazz Musicians

How often are you playing with other people that are better than you? How often do you get a group of professional musicians to provide 20 minute takes of classic Jazz Tunes for you as you just improvise away? How many times a week does this band come along and play for you? Probably not very often! And how hard is it to imagine what the benefits would be if you were playing with pro musicians on a regular basis.


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